Solar Viewing Glasses Donation Program


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Donate solar eclipse viewing glasses to schools in Africa for the total solar eclipse on 3 November 2013

On 3 November a total solar eclipse will cross the African continent. This is a rare opportunity to expose students to science in a region where science resources are often non-existent.

Astronomers Without Borders will provide eclipse viewing glasses free to schools that will experience a total eclipse or a very deep partial eclipse for use by thousands of students.

This program is based on donations.
Purchase eclipse viewers for $1 per pair, in any amount,
for donation to schools in Africa.

Update: 13,700 pairs of eclipse glasses have been shipped to schools in Africa. Donations are very much appreciated to cover extra glasses that were shippedand shipping costs.

Schools have been identified and vetted by partner organizations in each country, and distribution networks have been verified. Every donated pair of eclipse glasses WILL reach a student for use for the eclipse. The International Astronomical Union's Office of Astronomy for Development, which is based in Cape Town, South Africa, is providing invaluable support and assistance through their many contacts across Africa.

For information on the countries that we are working with, the number of glasses needed, donations so far, and other details see the program page on the AWB website.

You can also purchase eclipse glasses for your own use.

Description of eclipse glasses

These high-quality eclipse glasses are branded with the Astronomers Without Borders name, logo and motto, One People, One Sky.

The backside is printed with safety information (English only).

These Eclipse Shades® Safe Solar Glasses are absolutely safe for direct solar viewing of solar eclipses and sunspots. The black polymer lens material is scratch resistant, optical density 5 and CE certified. It filters out 100% of harmful ultra-violet, 100% of harmful infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light and creates a pleasing orange image of the Sun.


  • Manufactured by: AWB