Mike Simmons (USA), Chair
Thilina Heenatigala (Sri Lanka), Coordinator

Contact GAM Project Coordinator Thilina Heenatigala for all inquiries,
referencing the committe below as needed.

Dark Skies
Connie Walker (USA)

Planetarium Programs
Lina Canas (Portugal)

Remote Observing
Gianluca Masi (Italy)

Programs for People with Disabilities
Amelia Ortiz Gil (Spain)
Peggy Walker (USA)

Solar Programs
Ricardo Ries (Portugal)

Observing Programs
Kenneth Frank (USA)

Art Programs
Daniela De Paulis (The Netherlands)
Deirdre Kelleghan (Ireland)

Bob Eklund (USA), Editor, Astropoetry Blog

Avivah Yamani (Indonesia), Blog
Raven Yu (Philippines), Blog
Pierre Paquette (Canada) , Graphics